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  • Fighting Rages in Misrata despite Withdrawal Pledge
  • Wael Ghonim vs. Barack Obama: Change we Can Believe in, Yes we Can
    • steve V. johnson 02/10/2011 at 10:02 am

      While everyone supposedly waited to see what the Egyptian army, so many times declared 'friends of the people' by those in Tahrir Square, would do, a I found out that even Time magazine knows that the army controls a huge portion of Egyptian industry and commerce, on the face of it far more than the Mubarak family. So now that strikes are taking place it may be a matter of time until those labor actions threaten the entrenched interests of the army. What will we see then? Still friends of the people? It's also been written that the Egyptian army is somewhat divided between the cronies, Mubarak loyalists who have become comfortable, and a younger segment who value professionalism. These latter may not be the 'colonels' who have so often been actors in military coups d'etat, but they haven't the vested financial interests of the generals, except perhaps institutionally in the commerce owned and controlled by the army per se. When the tally is complete, the army will have the deciding vote on the outcome.

  • End Federal Tax Subsidies to Fox!
    • steve V. johnson 10/22/2010 at 9:31 pm

      Well done, Juan. A great idea.

      Sparked by the debates for the Senate seat from Indiana, and candidate Dan Coats' history of several terms in Congress followed by several years in a lobbying firm, it occurs to me that we are paying far too much in pensions for Congresspersons. If these folks work at all in lobbying, much less if they rail against "entitlements," they should be willing to give up, to to have taken from them, their own entitlements, their federal pensions and health care.


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