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Texas Chris

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  • Netanyahu in 1992: Iran close to having nuclear bomb
    • There are 70 million people in Iran? Perhaps one or two are radical enough... but would they ever be in a position of power? Enough to control a nuke?


    • You make an important point. Likud is the ruling party. Likud benefits directly from a fearful Israeli population in the form of won elections. So, any time the popularity of the Neocon Likud war party lags below a certain indicator, Bibi trots out the "ZOMG Iran haz teh nuukz!!!1!11" speech and the people fall in line.

      Same happens in the US, re: War on Terror. "The Muzzies Are Gonna Git Us!!11!!"

    • Christian Guilt is never going to allow the US to divorce Israeli Likud from American politics. AIPAC will rule until the US's financial collapse.

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