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The Ultimate Philosopher

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  • Why this and not that? America's topsy turvy priorities
    • JC wrote: "But on gay marriage rights or abortion rights, Republicans are the strongest force in the country for government coming into our living rooms and actually laying hands on our bodies."

      The GOP view on gay marriage is ridiculous, but its views on legalized abortion are considerably more difficult to refute, for the obvious reasons.

  • Labor Day Question: Are you Better off than You were in 1970?
    • Couple things: First, the second graph should not use dollar amounts but values indexed to 100 as a baseline so that the percentage increases can be easily perceived. Second, are there any studies that look into the effects of globalization on domestic U.S. income/wealth distributions? Since capital can flow across borders so much more easily now than before, while the owners of capital can retain their U.S. residence, it's easy to see how the owners of capital can see their incomes go up while those of U.S. workers stagnate because their jobs are being shipped oversees as the margins (due to that fluidity of capital). Since the '70s, on a global scale, there appears to have been a reduction in inequality (link to even though domestically it has gone up. Tax policy changes since the '70s would likely have an effect as well though I just haven't seen any studies that would separate out and measure the contributing factors.

  • Thomas Jefferson in Arabic
    • "Does it include Jefferson’s thoughts on the indigenous population, that he & the Republic displaced,i.e murdered/ethnically cleansed in order to usurp their lands and resources. Apparently all men are not created equal,lol."

      This is naked intellectual thuggery/hooliganism - in this instance, an outright focus on inessentials. The last "lol" part was the dead giveaway that a cognitively-stunted youtubized mind is ejaculating random stuff, unable or unwilling to grasp and think in essentials. What a waste of cognitive resources!

      The essential here, of course, is the American *ideals* of reason, individualism, rights, and capitalism.

      Let's stop wasting cognitive resources, people.

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