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  • Republican National Committee Slashes New York Muslim Cabbie
    • Wow! You all have stooped to a new low. Comparing conservatives to the Weimar Republic>>>

      Well, I couldn't disagree more. Go read your history! At least in the Weimar Republic, social tolerance was more relaxed.

      And have we all forgotten so quickly that there are fanatic Muslim terrorists out there that want to destroy our country. There is no war on Muslims, only terrorists.

      This blame game is getting really tiresome. Talk does nothing but fracture people. And we wonder why unemployment is at 9.5%, housing sales are down 27% and our economy sucks.

      You all live under a different World View than we do. Have you ever even tried to understand it? You hurl insults and slanderous statements at us, yet, we often remain silent. Have you ever wondered why? You attack people personally and say some of the most hateful things I have ever heard - and no one holds you to account. To comment that someone needs to die, or worse.... 20 years ago would have never been tolerated - this is not progress nor an exercise in "free speach". It is foul and disgusting.

      I am a student of history - and what I see in this government of ours is a repeat of what led up to the rise of events after the Weimar Republic. The events, if anyone cares to study them, and NOT from the "liberal" history books that are rampant, we all should be very afraid.

      Go and research what came AFTER the Weimar Republic. If this is the direction that our country is headed under current leadership, God help us all!

    • wow, was the "dumbass" comment really necessary?????

    • Good!

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