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  • Gates Worries about Iranian Nuclear Research, while Khamenei blasts US for Hiroshima
    • Iran demands US troop withdrawal
      Al Jazeera English
      The Iranian president has called on the US to withdraw its troops from the Gulf region and Afghanistan.

      "The region has no need for alien troops and they should return home and let the regional states take care of their own affairs," Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said in a speech marking the country's annual Army Day on Sunday.

      "They must leave the region and this is not a request but an order, and the will of the regional nations," he said.

      He said the deployment of US and Nato troops in Iraq and Afghanistan under the pretext of fighting terrorism had not only failed, but also increased insecurity in both countries.

      Israel will 'collapse'

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    • محکومیت نوری زاد به سه سال و نیم حبس و ۵۰ ضربه شلاق
      BBC Persian
      محمد نوری زاد، روزنامه نگار و سینماگر ایرانی، به اتهام تبلیغ علیه نظام و توهین به تعدادی از مقام های جمهوری اسلامی ایران به سه سال و نیم زندان و ۵۰ ضربه شلاق محکوم شده است.

      آقای نوری زاد روز ۲۹ آذر ۱۳۸۸ و در پی انتشار سه نامه سرگشاده خطاب به آیت الله علی خامنه ای، رهبر ایران، و مطلبی درباره صادق لاریجانی، رئیس قوه قضائیه، با عنوان "سقوط قاضی القضات شهر" در وبلاگ شخصی اش بازداشت شد. او ۷۰ روز از این چهار ماه را در سلول انفرادی بوده است.

      در حکم دادگاه بدوی که قاضی پیرعباس، قاضی شعبه ۲۶ دادگاه انقلاب صادر کرده و روز شنبه ۲۸ فروردین ۱۳۸۹ به محمود علیزاده طباطبایی وکیل آقای نوری زاد ابلاغ شده است، محمد نوری زاد به اتهام "فعالیت تبلیغی علیه نظام و تخریب چهره سی ساله نظام" به یک سال حبس تعزیری، به اتهام توهین به رهبر ایران به دو سال حبس تعزیری، به اتهام توهین به رئیس قوه قضائیه به ۹۱ روز حبس تعزیری و به اتهام توهین به رئیس جم�... >>>

      Mr. Nourizad get 3 years in prison and 50 slashes for asking the supreme criminal to apologize for the crimes he perpetrated on the demonstrators in the aftermath of stolen election.
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    • حکم اعدام برای اعضای یک خانواده
      Rooz Online / Fereshteh Ghazi
      مطهره بهرامی، یکی از بازداشت شدگان روز عاشورا است که پیش از این سایت "زندانیان سبز" از صدور حکم اعدام برای او خبر داده بود. او به اتفاق همسر، پسر، یکی از اقوام و یکی از دوستان همسرش در روزعاشورا بازداشت شد و اینک اخبار حاکی از صدور حکم اعدام برای این 5 بازداشتی روز عاشوراست.

      مطهره (سیمین) بهرامی حقیقی به اتفاق همسرش، محسن دانش پور مقدم، پسرش، احمد دانش پور مقدم روز عاشورا به همراه یکی از اقوام خود به نام ریحانه حاج ابراهیم بازداشت شدند. هادی قائمی یکی از دوستان نزدیک محسن دانش پور نیز روز عاشورا بازداشت و او نیز به اتهام محاربه، به اعدام محکوم شده است.

      یک پسر این خانواده که از سالها پیش به عضویت سازمان مجاهدین خلق درآمده، در پایگاه اشرف در عراق به سر می برد و همین نسبت فامیلی مبنای انتساب اتهام محاربه و صدور حکم اعدام برای دیگر اعضای این خانواده شده است.

      میثم دانش پور، فرزند مطهره بهرامی و محسن دانش پور، روز گ... >>>

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      An entire family sentenced to death because of Ashura protest. This is Khamenie's Islamic Republic>>>

  • Khamenei: US 'only' 'nuclear criminal' for Hiroshima
    • The IRI used chemical weapons on the Iraqis during the 8-year Iran-Iraq war. However, noone like to talk about it for one reason or another.

    • An entire family sentenced to death because of Ashura protest. The criminal "supreme leader" of ignorance and murder has no moral authority to talk about others.

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  • Turkey, Brazil Come out against new Iran sanctions at Security Summit
    • Mohammad Khatami
      Ex-president banned from travel

      BBC: Iran's former president has been barred from leaving the country, reports say. Mohammad Khatami was expected to attend a nuclear disarmament conference in Japan, but his aides say he was banned from travelling. Organisers of the meeting in Hiroshima have confirmed that he cancelled his appearance at the last minute. Mr Khatami has been under steady pressure from the Iranian government following the disputed presidential election in June last year >>>

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    • دست و پای یک نفر در ایران قطع شد
      4 Public Executiion and one cutting of limb (one leg and one arm)

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    • During the 1979 revolution, Ayatollah Khomeini ordered the faithful not to pay their utility bills to the Shah's government. It was another clever move by the exiled cleric which pushed the Shah's administration further towards bankruptcy.

      Three decades later, those who pioneered the revolution are themselves facing a revolution which uses some of the same methods used thirty years ago like chanting 'God is Great' from the roof tops. In response to the iron fist shown by the establishment against those who take part in street demonstrations, people are trying to resort to other civil disobedience protest methods which inflict damage on the regime but carry less danger for them. Not paying the utility bills can be one such method, of course there are also many who just can't make ends meet and pay the bills too, and so here is the Supreme Leader's latest Fatwa on those who are not paying their water bills:

      'Refusing to pay the water bills is not allowed and those who perform their ablution with such water will therefore make their rituals void'

      Four other high ranking clerics including Messbah Yazdi, Mohammad Yazdi, Nouri Hamedani and Ayatollah Makarem Shirazi who has a representative office in Harrow Road, London have also issued similar fatwas.
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      Here is the real irony however. Ayatollah Khomeini in his first speech after return form exile in the Behesht Zahra cemetery, promised 'We will make water, electricity, buses and so forth free of charge, we have so much income from the oil why should our people have to pay for these things?'
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