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  • 7 Ways States have Undermined Gun Control Laws (Lee)
    • If we had swift, certain punishment for crimes (and many countries do, btw) - the crime rate would drop: for example Singapore - their violent crime rate is exceptionally low because they follow-through on their threatened punishment.

      In the US, with the myriad appeals and technicalities that be filed, a criminal can be relatively certain that they have a good shot of getting a lighter sentence than is maximally possible.

    • I said nothing of the kind - but thanks for trying to put words in my mouth that were not there.

    • There is no such thing as a "gun-free zone" - anyone who believes there is is setting themselves up for failure.

      It's already a crime to commit murder (which is what happened in Newtown, for the record). The myth that a "gun-free zone" could exist only makes a criminal's job easier.

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