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  • Iran's Forbidden Nukes and the Taqiya Lie
    • Juan,

      Fantastic elucidation of the conept of Taqyia in Shi'a Islam. This idea must be understood in historical context viz., the minority status of Shi'ite Muslims in the past and the persecution they were subjected to by Sunni rulers of the time. Hence, being a pragmatic ideology, Shi'ism permitted the concealing of one's faith if it were a choice between disclosing it and facing possible death or concealing it and saving your life.

      To the other commentators who pointed out the 'selective' demonisation of Shi'ahs by the neocons for their belief in "Taqyia", well pointed out. Todays statemen practise "realpolitik" every day. Yet they exercise such deception not for the fear of their lives but for the promotion of their interests.

      In the final analysis, they have no right to point their finger at Iran based on a twisted and deformed understanding of "Taqyia", while they lie to their own people and impact the lives of those all over the world with their deceit and fraud.

  • At Oscars, Director of "A Separation" Slams War Talk
    • Dear Juan,

      You said: "It has to be admitted that the political classes of both the US and the Iran, who are edging us all closer to war, are pretty despicable..."

      I think someone of your calibre ought to exhibit a little more discernment and analysis. The fact is that it is the US and Israel that is using the 'language of war' againt Iran, whereas the latter is adopting the 'defensive language' to dissuade the actualisation of such intimidating words into concrete hostilities by US/Israel. For Iranian leaders to adopt a weak position of silence and acquiescence in such a scenario is for them to be irresponsible as guardians of Iranian borders.


  • Iranian Navy Menaces Oil Exports from Hormuz
    • Perhaps one ought to acquire a more indeendent report of what the state of the Iranian economy is. Alot of what is reported about Iran in western media is aimed at demonising it and presenting it as an isolated pariah state. Independent investigation would reveal a somewhat different picture.

  • Would Obama Greenlight an Israeli Attack on Iran?
    • Dear Sir,

      Have we forgotten how many times the Israeli's have threatened a pre-emptive attack on Iran? Far too many times. Yet we are still here waiting for them to pull the trigger. The Israelis are dernged but even they understand that such a move endangers the very existence of the state of Israel. That they are crazy and irrational is indisputable but their own calculations and the risks arising due to such a decision has hitherto and will continue to tame them. Consider that the western powers are in decline at the head of which is the US itself. Israel is exposed and naked without the firm military, political and economic backing of the Western powers, who cannot stomach manging a conflict with Iran. All in all, it can be said with quite some certainity that there will be no attack on Iran. Should this transpire against all odds then there is little doubt in my mind that Israel would have seen its last days as a state. Iran has not been an aggressive power for over 2 centuries and I have no reason to believe it would initiate a direct attack of any sort. On the other hand Iran is opposed to the fictitious nature of the Israeli state and given the chance - via an Israeli attack - it would exploit it to utmost. The Israeli's know this very well, hence there has never been and probably will never be a direct provacation of Iran.


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