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Willy Bach

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  • Petition against the Murder of Iranian Scientists
    • Alec, much as US written law may forbid acts of murder, you are right to mention just a few of the many examples of covert paramilitary activities from the past sixty years, all denied, all approved by a long list of US Presidents, or we should call them Commanders-in-Chief. Sadly, there is nothing un-American about practices of such long-standing. This is very well substantiated by the CIAs own documents.

      As for guessing whether the CIA, Mossad or other agency actually carried out the crimes, it is pointless to speculate until the documents are published, decades too late. That is why WikiLeaks was so invaluable, real-time exposure of guilt. Just what genuine democracies require. One thing is certain, the murders are consistent with all the other acts of war committed by the Obama administration.

      Never give up on talking and listening.

    • I am appalled that civilised people can even think this kind of murderous activity is acceptable behaviour. I want an end to all covert activity and serious dialogue between Iran and other nations. Take the threats off the table, engage in genuine dialogue and put Israel's nuclear weapons on the agenda, clearly, these are a threat to Iran.

      The world's safety and livability are far more important than the brinksmanship of an American President seeking re-election. No one wants a radioactive or nuclear war. No one thinks this is necessary.

  • Israel to defend its Military from Israelis
    • I have watched a number of videos of settler violence against Palestinians and seen US-made M-16 assault rifles in the hands of some settlers with attitude. I am quite sure that the IDF has been arming a number of these groups and encouraging them to carry out acts of violence against Palestinians while the IDF and police stand aside and pretend not to be involved. The world is not surprised or fooled by this crude spectacle. We saw it in East Timor where the Indonesian military did the same thing with so-called militias who terrorised fellow East Timorese people.

      The problem for the Netanyahu government is that when you nurture groups of unruly thugs they start believing in their own impunity and get beyond control. They start making their own mischief. Now that groups that were started by the IDF and so-called intelligence agencies are attacking their sponsors they resemble the early Zionist terror groups that turned on the British Mandate forces, MI6 and military.

      Netanyahu is playing a dangerous game which he hopes will contribute to his extermination plans for the Palestinian people, but which the world is watching with increasing concern. Netanyahu is turning Israel even more into being a terror state in which the fictitious democracy becomes increasingly invisible.

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