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  • The Fall of Mosul and the False Promises of Modern History
    • The family members I am in contact with also say that most of the armed men in the streets are from the tribal areas around Mosul. They have not seen much ISIS fighters. This is especially so on the western side of the city.

  • Is an Iranian Drug Cartel Behind the Assassination Plot against the Saudi Ambassador?
    • I definitely share your skepticism about the Saudi ambassador to the US being an Iranian hit target? I think the drug cartel link theory is rather weak. Saudi Arabia is not a big drug market and I don't think they are on the forefront of fighting drug production and transportation from Afghanistan or Iran to the rest of the world. Also, I am not sure how killing one diplomatic official can change anything, especially if the perpetrators did not declare themselves (like AlQaida, which can definitely benefit from hitting Saudi public figures and will be happy to brag about it.)

      The weaker theory still is idea that political motives may be behind an Iranian Government attack on an ambassador (leaving along the amateurish way the plan was supposed to work out.) What was the Mexican Cartel supposed to do, perform the hit? The Iranian Revolutionary Guard need Mexican hit men? And who will take the credit for it, Iran? BTW, what is The Iranian Revolutionary Guard’s history of conducting foreign assassinations of dissidents, foreign enemies (Israelis for example) or foreign officials? Again this is not their MO and not the MO of almost any government that I can think of. Well, Moamar Ghadafi supposedly wanted to assassinate the King of Saudi Arabia at one time. But Ghadafi is a maniac and nothing like the generally cool and strategic thinking Iranians. I think it is absolutely crazy to target any Saudi official on American soil, especially if Americans might be in harm’s way.

      I believe this is a cover story or a pretext for attacking Iran. This rouse plan is supposed to hit two birds; a terrorist attack on American soil that may well kill Americans along with a one Saudi target. This way, both, Americans will be enraged and will demand revenge as well as the Saudis who will inflame Arab and Muslim opinion against the Shiite Iran. There is only one country that badly needs a distraction from its current diplomatic turmoil, increased isolation, worsening domestic conditions and that had an intelligence agency that can think up such plans, and can and very badly wants Iran to be attacked at all cost, ISRAEL. I sure hope the truth will come out soon.

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