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  • Trump on Barcelona: Recalls US War on Spain, Brutal Occupation of Filipino Muslims (2)
    • Incompetent President Trump will not resign until he can throw a son or son-n-law under the bus in his attempts to continue to infest our White House or as Resident Trump calls it "a dump."

      Trump's resignation will be the end of narcissistic buffoonery and the onset of stone-cold Dominionist meanness and far-right religious stupid.

      The pending odious transition coupled with disgraced Trump exhorting his followers after he resigns will make our streets and homes far less safe.

      Under President Pence, expressing a religious preference will take on new meaning in a country where "God's will" is moved forcefully ahead of the will of the people.

      But Trump WILL RESIGN, eventually.

    • Only a not so smart person will continue to keep spewing an already de bunked story, only someone who does not care for facts will peddle lies not caring for the consequences. Only a beauty pageant organizer/reality show host will not care to act like a President, nor be aware that what Presidents say will be analyzed for truth. This shameful man does not know what it is to be President. It is becoming obvious that he has mental issues and cannot lead this country.

  • German Politicians think Trump is dangerously close to Neo-Nazis, and they Should know (13)
    • Impeachment is off the menu unless his support amongst registered Republicans reaches very low poll numbers...such as under 35%. Then Republican legislators will feel threatened enough to impeach him. Phone calls are meaningless and useless. Disgustingly, his support among Republicans remains very high. So Trump can survive overall poll numbers as low as 20-25% as long as his support with Republican voters remains above 45-50%. When his numbers get that low, however, it will be time for a nice little terrorist attack that requires a response of martial law, suspension of civil liberties and the cancellation of the next election.

  • Remembering the White Rose anti-Nazi Activists (3)
    • There is one non-violent thing Americans might reasonably do right now that would disrupt the system enough to matter.

      Stop shopping for Christmas.

      I mean, don't buy at all, if you can. Make it clear to your friends that you will give them things you own that they will appreciate, but will not participate in filling the coffers of the investor class who are Trump's lifeline of support. If you must buy, buy used, buy e-bay, buy direct from local craftsmen.

      The black population of South Africa had to beg us in the outside world to boycott their economy to bring down their masters. No one has the power to do that to America but Americans. We've constructed a very unstable, bubble-driven economy vulnerable to panic. We must accept the cost of causing that panic now. Trump could send troops out to butcher protesters and get half of America to excuse it, but he can't send troops door to door to force you to buy from Wal-Mart. That's one power you have over him.

  • What to do with Confederate statues? (15)
  • German Politicians think Trump is dangerously close to Neo-Nazis, and they Should know (13)
    • I think the actual Nazis are playing the long game right now; they're seizing this moment to begin a long process of normalization, but they know Trump won't be around for much of it. The problem is, once he's gone, his success in conning a wide range of right-wing voters guarantees he will be imitated on the state level, which is already dominated by extreme Republicans. The media has done a bad job of informing us about the state-level takeover of America and its coordination by national groups like ALEC with its cookie-cutter state legislature spamming. How will it handle fifty little Hitlers?

      Of course, there's plenty of time for Trump to impose dictatorship that's only Mussolini-bad, as opposed to Hitler-bad. The key to real fascism is mass participation; the followers must be enlisted to become paramilitary enforcers of the leader's will, bypassing the state organs preferred by more conventional authoritarians. With Trump, the call for his followers to go Kristallnacht could happen on any given day if he wakes up in a bad enough mood.

  • Iran's Parliament defies new Trump/GOP Sanctions, Increases Missile Funds (1)
    • As its air force is relatively weak, Iran relies on its diverse missile arsenal for deterrence. According to the leading Israeli expert on Iran’s missile program, Uzi Rubin, “Iran’s medium-range missiles have been designed for conventional deterrence or war fighting..." (Israel, in contrast, is understood to have nuclear-tipped cruise missiles.) link to

  • Remembering the White Rose anti-Nazi Activists (3)
    • "Sophie Scholl: The Final Days" is a riveting and award-winning 2006 film that fills in the gaps left by the 1982 movie, using contemporary court records only recently discovered in the archives. It will break your heart. The White Rose Lives! link to

  • German Politicians think Trump is dangerously close to Neo-Nazis, and they Should know (13)
    • The real problem with Trump is many very wealthy and dangerous people will stand behind him if the imperative actions are taken.

    • Although profoundly ignorant of nearly everything outside his own immediate self-interest, trump apparently did read that book on Hitler that he kept on his nightstand.

    • He's giving Aid and Comfort to those who wish to overthrow the US government. He is committing Sedition. He CAN be removed by impeachment.

      I do understand the 'slippery slope' around setting precedents that curtail citizens' Freedom of Speech, and there are clear precedents against Sedition.

      The House of Representatives need a hundred-million phone calls and text messages, but that's how we get rid of Trump.

      The, we boycott anyone and everyone even thinking of doing business with him.

  • Fascism in Charlottesville: Why it had a monopoly on violence & Intimidation (19)
    • Trump is and always was a racist. The difference now is that he is totally disinhibited in showing his true self to the world. Disinhibition is one of the signs of dementia. This and other signs lead me to conclude that Trump is more than crazy, he is clinically demented. And for the record, I am a physician, and I have a geriatric psychiatrist friend who has been pointing out the manifestations of his dementia practically since the day he took office.

  • German Politicians think Trump is dangerously close to Neo-Nazis, and they Should know (13)
    • There is a distinct possibility that for a whole variety of reasons Germany will loosen ties with the US. The punitive application of Russian economic sanctions, which hurt German more than US business, was bad enough, but the new tranche is seen as a bald effort to benefit US business, particularly in the energy field, at European expense; it is viewed as unadorned 'US first' Trumpism and makes for a deeper reason to distrust him than his inability to identify Charlottesville for what it was. There are even voices calling for Germany to leave NATO on the grounds that it is out of date and redundant. They too are doubtless trade stirred. I am not denying the validity, significance, or seriousness of the German response to Trump but everyone is aware how 'close allies' can continue to do really evil things without attracting overt opprobrium, so the significant thing may be less the response itself, valid though it is, but the uninhibited expression of it from so important a politician. He is, however, quite right about these militant attacks being widespread. As I am writing this a van has just ploughed into crowds in Barcelona.

    • In that case, can we please re-route AF1 from destination Trump Golf Course, to destination Germany?

    • I've noticed that some progressive groups have moved from calling Trump's supporters Alt-Right, or white supremacists, white nationalists and neo-Nazis to just plain Nazis. That's the correct term, in my opinion.

      And Trump has let his true colors show, for sure. He is a Nazi. And we know what Nazis do, don't we? It's only going to get worse before it gets better. There will be a Trump version of the Reichstag fire, Kristallnacht and of course bands of Nazi militia groups beating and killing African Americans, Jews, Muslims and "liberals".

      Count on it.

    • I watched an interesting Hitler documentary and was surprised how much Hitler and Trump have in common.

      For instance Hitler only valued his opinion and decision making skills. He belittled others by rehashing his rise to power against all odds. Hitler promised to make Germany great again. He enjoyed watching his subordinates fight among themselves. He avoided contact with intellectuals preferring the company of those who gave him blind devotion.

      With all they have in common I would not be surprised to see Trump ending up in history's trash bin of failed demagogues.

    • Trump would probably not be vulnerable under German laws. Enforcement focuses more on certain explicit acts: displaying the swastika, making the salute (which is why the neo-nazis there use a slightly modified salute), or denying the historical facts of the holocaust. Sascha Lobo's article in the Spiegel, in contrast, describes in great detail how Trump reproduces the arguments and techniques of those who dance around the legal limits, while pursuing the same aims. The coherence and skill of Trump's use of these techniques may actually argue against an interpretation of his actions as being caused by mental illness.

    • Oh, poor Orange Donnie!

      So misunderstood, he's just channeling Cole Porter:
      Birds do it.
      Bees do it.
      Even white skinhead Nat-sees do it.

  • Remembering the White Rose anti-Nazi Activists (3)
    • As a multi-pathway learner, I most appreciated the 1982 movie about die weiße Rose. In '82, that time period was still a living memory in Germany. Please watch in the original German, subtitles if you need them.

      link to

  • German Politicians think Trump is dangerously close to Neo-Nazis, and they Should know (13)
    • The social historian Morris Berman wrote a trilogy about the failure of the American empire. The second book "Dark Ages America: The final phase of Empire" was published in 2006 and became a best seller.

      For some strange reason looked it up and found this 2006 review by the dean of book reviewers who just retired.

      This is the sort of book that gives the Left a bad name.

      In "Dark Ages America: The Final Phase of Empire," the cultural historian Morris Berman delivers a vituperative, Spenglerian screed that makes Michael Moore seem like a rah-rah American cheerleader: a screed that describes this country as "a cultural and emotional wasteland," suffering from "spiritual death" and intent on exporting its false values around the world at the point of a gun; a republic-turned-empire that has entered a new Dark Age and that is on the verge of collapsing like Rome.

      Dark Ages of America: The Final Phase of EmpireGrim View of a Nation at the End of Days

      The third volume of the trilogy "Why America Failed" did not sell well. He makes the case that we are a culture of hustlers right from the start.

      The introduction to Dark Ages America is on line. 4 themes fit Trumpism

      link to

  • Neo-Nazi Website forced on to 'Dark Web' as no ISP Wants Them (1)
    • Walking away from bad customers is a company's right, but in this case there is the added benefit of minimizing legals problems.

      The Internet is world wide so while hosting companies might only suffer major PR problems in the USA, they could find that they could no longer do business in many other countries, such as Germany.

      For example, the DNS addresses assigned to GoDaddy could end up being blocked around the world even though only a small fraction of the huge number of addresses assigned to GoDaddy were used by the Nazi.

      Dumping one bad customer protects the rest of the hosting company's customers.

      Eventually the Nazi sites will find refuge at a hosting company in some obscure country that cares more for cash than morals and can bribe the local government to keep the other nations away. BUT while the site may be up, it will not be very accessible and will be a target for hackers wanting to practice there craft on a site that can't get any law enforcement help.

  • German Politicians think Trump is dangerously close to Neo-Nazis, and they Should know (13)
    • Fascism seldom appears on the scene with all the guns blazing and revealing its full ugliness. It starts slowly and grows gradually. First, fascists blame one group, then another, then another, until it comes closer to home and we realize that we have nowhere to turn, as those in power regard the rest of us as the enemy. We should wake up before it is too late. The following quote is attributed to Niemöller:
      First they came for the Socialists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Socialist.
      Then they came for the Trade Unionists, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Trade Unionist.
      Then they came for the Jews, and I did not speak out—
      Because I was not a Jew.
      Then they came for me—and there was no one left to speak for me.

      This short clip can also throw some light on the present situation:
      link to

  • Is it time for Trump Administration to stop Declaring War on every Problem? (2)
    • If Ms Gordon is calling for a war on Cheetos, count me in.

      Actually, there have been so many politically declared "wars" I don't believe anyone is particularly aroused by use of the word now.

  • Fascism in Charlottesville: Why it had a monopoly on violence & Intimidation (19)
    • Please don't forget the two police officers who died in the helicopter crash.

      I read today's BBC report on Charlottesville. It referred to Heather Heyer as a "leftest". I wonder if Europe really understands what's going on here.

    • Ignoring b*stards does not work.

      They have to be directly confronted and disabled.

      We have repeatedly learned this lesson over centuries.

    • Not entirely true.

      The local stories are carried by local press, but due to the massive number of crisis on this earth (many caused by the USA), national news services tend to not connect the dots.

      Most national news services are advertising supported, which means they need to produce stories that have a national focus to gain the audiences needed to draw advertisers.

      No one controls the nationals media, but they do tend to have a herd quality about them.

      BUT . . .

      Note that national media has done stories on bits and pieces of the national malaise:

      - the huge disparity of wealth and lack of political will to change it.

      - the hollowing out of the "middle class."

      - Stagnant wages.

      - The loss of social power by whites

      - the decline of religion, especially christianity.

      - The displacement of humans by technology (very subtle, slow but continuous)

      I have read all about this, from many sources, but it is fragmented, usually along ideological lines and no one has done a comprehensive look at at all the facets.

      Yes, white christians, especially older ones, are losing "white privileged." That is economic and social power. Over time, ALL dominate groups lose out to others, but no dominate group ever gives up power willingly. They all fight to their last breath.

    • Well during the election, all Trump was going after were Muslims and Hispanics. So that was OK for the Republican Party. Now that he sides with neo-Nazis who go after Blacks and Jews, will that make a difference? Let's see what they do. Let's see if there is a hierarchy in discriminated-against ethnic groups in Republican minds.

    • Jack - A great method about 2 years too late. Trump is like a virus, once infected there is usually no cure and has to run it's course to be eliminated from the system.

    • Yeah, that would have worked great against Hitler. There are tens of millions of people who don't WANT to ignore Trump because they are searching for a way to aggregate their hatred. They needed very little to find him. The point of the negative news was to warn the rest of us that he, and his followers, were a real threat.

      If warnings are counter-productive, then what the hell's the point of news, or information, or facts? Or even of this very website?

    • You can't ignore the president of the most powerful country in the world for one f*****g second when he is a f*****g intent on destroying the country. I called all my representatives today and insisted on his arrest. He's an extreme menace to our friends, to our neighbors, to our fellow citizens, not a 2 year old.

    • " the easy resort to Hitler analogies is usually not very illuminating"

      Autocrat 101:

      Charlottesville: Trump is faced with a threat the he has been unable to stop: the investigations. A group he has been condoning throughout his campaign plan and carry out a violent rally. Trump needs this violence to produce more fear in the population, but also to give cover for rescinding civil rights and arresting his opponents. An autocrat can silence his enemies if they are all in one place. Trump can not condemn the neo-Nazis now. He needs more violence. Who else sent out armed bands to attack citizens in the street?

    • Those fascistic rioters who dream of a white America , a neo-Nazi America, with a Confederate flag on every public building and a statue of Robert E. Lee in every park still have not learned that history passed them by more than a century ago.

      The Commander of the Confederate Army, Gen. Robert E. Lee, understood in the end that the dream was over, forever.

      All his statues should be relocated to museums or other appropriate places and what Lee said after the war should be engraved on the base of that statue on each and every other statue that idolizes the Confederacy.

      “We have fought this fight as long, and as well as we knew how. We have been defeated. (...) There is now but one course to pursue. We must accept the situation. ” He also said, “We failed, but in the good providence of God apparent failure often proves a blessing.”

    • The side that drove a car into a throng of people is the side of terrorists. This may or may not have been planned in advance. This info may come out. Either way, terrorism.

    • Once again the media and the pundits are playing into Trump's hands. During the election, at least 95 % of the stories on Trump were negative, but he didn't care as long as he dominated the news cycle. And it worked. The negative coverage crowded out all other news and Trump won the election.

      Again Trump is dominating the news and the blogs and he loves it, positive or negative.

      The proper way to undermine a megalomaniac manic like Trump is to ignore him. Just the way one punishes a 2 year old or a puppy. This 24 hour blanket coverage, negative as it is stands a good chance of getting Trump reflected.

    • The events of the past 24 hours have shown how correct you were in your brave statement that Trump was not sincere in his denunciation of the Alt-Right, the Nazis, the KKK and other extreme white nationalists. When it seems that things cannot get any worse, President Trump says or does something that goes beyond the expectation of even most moderate Republicans. In the face of the creeping fascism, one either has to remain silent and except a repetition of fascist regimes that the world has experienced in the past, or to take the threat seriously and fight and defeat it.

    • Trump is an unreconstructed racist and a Nazi-sympathizer - plain and simple. He represents the ideology that occupied - and enslaved - my relatives in Denmark and Norway in the 1940s. He is quite happy to have the venomous worm of civil dissensions gnaw at the bowels of our republic.

      I have no truck for lectures from Hillary haters at this point - screw you. The second he came down that f*****g golden elevator and announced his hatred of Mexicans we saw him for what he was.

      But anyone with half a historic memory didn't need that to know that - we knew what he was since the 1980s and the Central Park Five, or even before then, with his history of housing discrimination against blacks.

      Now he has given material support and comfort to white extremists terrorists and needs to be arrested. Period.

  • Is it time for Trump Administration to stop Declaring War on every Problem? (2)
  • Fascism in Charlottesville: Why it had a monopoly on violence & Intimidation (19)
    • The implosion of America has begun.

    • How is intimidating, and threatening people, a First Amendment right? Heather Heyer wasn't a part of any alt-left group, but listening to President Trump you would never know it. Only now we have a president who seems to equate 'protest permits' with the right to march in unison as a group of thugs. Tell me Mr President, just what rights do come with a protest permit?

  • Think there's too much Trouble in the World? Now Global Heating is Kicking In (1)
    • As usual, the calamities will fall most severely on those people and nations with the least ability to contend with them. Whoever said, "Water is the new oil," got it absolutely right. And it appears that after years (decades?) of getting it wrong, the learning curve is still nearly horizontal.

      I remember reading the following quote about the ever deeper wells that farmers in the subcontinent were forced to drill: "We are mining our grandchildren's water." Yet they continue to grow cotton - one of the world's thirstiest crops - in semiarid regions.

      Climate crisis in a region defined by nuclear-tipped adversaries is not a pretty prospect.

  • Fascism in Charlottesville: Why it had a monopoly on violence & Intimidation (19)
  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
  • Why don't People think Trump's Denunciation sincere? B/c he Ran on Racism (10)
    • "Why don't People Think Trump's Denunciation Sincere?"

      Simple answer now: as of Tuesday night, Tuesday night!

      He needs to be arrested and tried for giving material support to domestic terrorists. Period.

    • It's always amazed me that those with the least tend to be the most generous, and those with the most tend to be the most miserly.

      Your point though is well spotted, as well as the previous comment that Trump appears to have never apologized.

    • A very wise, and astute observation, Dr. Cole: our president cannot properly eulogize this martyr. Credibility as the leader of the Free World is lost among his machinations. May God have mercy on our souls.

    • Off topic: the Guardian reports today of Saudi princes kidnapped and disappeared by the Saudi apparatus.

  • Call it what it is: Domestic White Nationalist Terrorism on the Rise (1)
    • White supremacist terrorism is the worst because it is founded on the past ritual of the lynching, a terrorist act in which the entire White population of a community openly gathers to celebrate, thereby sending a message to the entire Black community that they are outnumbered, outgunned, and outgoverned and resistance to all the other rituals of racism is thus futile.

      That entire-town turnout thing changed in the '30s, until lynching became a covert act in the night. That's probably a sign the ritual was falling apart, making the actual lynching itself futile. The logical goal of the modern White supremacist is to reverse the clock and get back to that fascist tribal celebration of raw power over "conquered" peoples.

  • Why don't People think Trump's Denunciation sincere? B/c he Ran on Racism (10)
    • He hasn't backed off his claim that the Central Park Five are guilty, no matter what science says. He hasn't backed off his refusal to accept that American police coerce confessions from Black suspects, which obviously has significance in the matter of American soldiers engaging in torture abroad.

  • Federal Agencies Warned of White Supremacist Threat in May (1)
  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • Exactly! -- working to change the system -- way beyond trying to teach oppressed people how to succeed in it against long odds, or even that they all can succeed in it, as though it's then all their own fault if/when they don't.

  • Why don't People think Trump's Denunciation sincere? B/c he Ran on Racism (10)
  • Under Saudi Bombs, Yemen hit by 500,000 Cholera Cases (2)
  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
  • Top 5 Ways White Terrorism means never having to Say you're Sorry (21)
    • "Not fair to the Southern Baptist, whatever its past history. The President of the Southern Baptist Convention between 2012-14 was an African American." Which makes it all better, whatever the prose?

      Trump exploits Southern Baptists based on "it's past history" playing y'all for fools. But in fairness, it's difficult to undo centuries of blind hatred and stupidity where ever it may reside.

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • In 1971 gold was $35 an ounce, or $1.13 per gram. The US federal minimum wage was $1.60 per hour. That means it only took the least skilled of workers just 70% of one hour to earn an amount equivalent to 1 gram of gold.

      Right now, gold is $1,273 an ounce, or $40.95 a gram. The US federal minimum wage is $7.25 per hour. So, a minimum wage worker today will have to work over 5 and a half hours to earn that same gram of gold.

      The 1% hijacked the money, which is why everybody’s broke and everything’s in ruins.

  • Under Saudi Bombs, Yemen hit by 500,000 Cholera Cases (2)
  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • Outstanding comment IMO, Juan, until the last sentence -- "But more importantly, the people with genuine grievances about lack of jobs and lack of opportunity and lack of dignity need to be taught how to get those things in a positive way." -- as though the right teaching is all that all these people with genuine grievances need, despite the oppression of class and the rigging of the system. En garde! -- it looks to me like you let the devilish old right-wing canard of individual responsibility slip in and seize the last word.

    • " They should turn instead to a different challenger of the status quo, Bernie Sanders"
      I agree that Sen Sanders appears to be the only one talking about the real issues, but now so many Dems - angry that HRC lost - are calling him a fraud and blaming him and his supporters for her loss. I'm glad to see u believe the ideas he is promulgating are worthwhile.

  • Trump to Guam: Nuclear Tensions Will Bring you Tourism (2)
    • This is a joke, right?

      I mean, if Trump thinks that nuclear cremation is a joyous risk to take for the opportunities of tourism, then he has no actual understanding of death or pain at all. For him publicity literally is the sole engine of existence.

  • What to do with Confederate statues? (15)
    • The problem is, a defeated "Them" will always be safely despised. A defeated "Us" is a trickier matter. It doesn't matter how much like a Nazi one chooses to be, as long as he is a White American who doesn't adopt foreign regalia or praise Herr Hitler; he will always be treated as a member of the White family. Just like our slaveowning ancestors.

    • There are times when I think there should be a statue of Nat Turner next to every statue of a Confederate general.

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • The pitting of poor white folks against Black and Brown peoples in America is NOT new! The 600,000 Americans that died in the Civil War contained very few of that era's 1%.
      In numerical terms few white Americans directly participated yet ALL benefited and continue to this very day. Slavery denial and Genocide denial IS the American way by white Americans.

    • It was the Satanic bargain my ancestors in the Southern colonies took 350 years ago to be freed from indentured servitude when they had the power to wreck the nascent plantation society by joining the ongoing uprisings of the time. The entire argument is a construct: the jobs (growing dead-end tobacco), the station (henchman as autonomous yeoman farmer), and the idea of race itself were built by the oligarchs on terms that they dictated. But I suspect many of my ancestors came to enjoy the slave-whipping part.

  • Top 5 Ways White Terrorism means never having to Say you're Sorry (21)
    • Not fair to the Southern Baptist, whatever its past history. The President of the Southern Baptist Convention between 2012-14 was an African American. Russel Moore who iserves as the head of their Ethics & Religious Liberty Commission has stated famously and unequivocally that the cross and the Confederate Flag cannot stand together without one burning up the other.

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • uff... This election cycle pageantry is too much. It's always surprising to me the new heights of deceit and vitriol that we achieve each successive election cycle on largely superficial campaigns.

      Public financing of elections would put a dent in this nonsense.

    • Right on!

      Considering that most of the G8 is socialist at the very least with regards to health care, it is the converse that is lacking empirical evidence. Our elites are too blinded. I am curious to how much longer the "center" as dictated by monied elites will hold. It took a cosmetic hit in the last presidential election cycle, when it became clear that the electorate will vote against the center regardless of the outcome. Despite the large public disapproval and protest against the current economic policies, by and large the social and economic fabric that skews wealth transfers to the elite will be further strengthened at least for the next three years, if not for much longer. The question becomes just how much further can the American people be forced to accept in terms of economic and social injustice. They already are forced to accept too much.

      Do our elites really wish to take the risk of further shaping large public anger that could give way to social and economic upheaval, which in turn effect their wealth? Instead, they could just fund a modicum of social safety nets in terms of health care and education that provides for a less riskier gamble. Substitute the wasteful spending on foreign interventions in the Near East for domestic spending on health care and education, and you'll be at least a quarter of the way there in terms of making a more stable society.

    • I see how people with genuine grievances, lack of jobs, lack of opportunity and lack of dignity may be, and often have been, roused, I simply wonder how they may be taught. Once a system is established teaching can readily be, and often is, applied to maintain it but I don't see how one would teach change, or where it has ever been done historically. Indeed, even were it possible, it would, surely, have to get into a system both practically and ideologically controlled by those whose interests are essentially a status quo able to enchain thought processes but not fill empty bellies. Oswald Mosley wasn't a fascist just demonised as such, he was actually a fairly enlightened political thinker and dangerous to the system, but then Marx wasn't a Marxist either. Hopefully Trump and the whole preceding election shenanigans will rouse a majority to something more responsible, but for now it looks like it's getting uglier by the day

  • A New Generation of White Supremacists Emerges in Charlottesville (1)
    • A New Generation of White Supremacists -

      The largest group of U.S citizens who never made it past the fifth grade in recent history.

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • Great column. The big question is how to replace racial resentment with consciousness of genuine class grievances. Racism is so deeply ingrained in personal identity that it will be very difficult to eradicate.

  • 'Don't Be a Sucker' [White Supremacist/ Nazi] : War Department 1943 Video (1)
  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • The greedy depression of wages really got going shortly after the Kennedy Brothers were eliminated. Wage increases remained flat until the mid-1980s when wages declined then recovering in the late 1990s. Productivity has surged, but average income and wages have stagnated for almost all Americans. If the median household income had kept pace with the economy since 1970, it would now be nearly $92,000, not $50,000.

      link to

      Since 1992 the 1% have enjoyed an at least 240% increase in income.

    • After the tragedy, an earlier article came up on my twitter feed.


      In Sept 2016 an anonymous author posted an article supporting Trump and in Feb 2017 it was learned that that author was Michael Antone who.

      Antone's article was attacked by people on both sides as seen in the following from the link above

      "One conservative retort, from the writer Ben Shapiro, was bluntly headlined, “The Widely Praised ‘Flight 93 Election’ Essay Is Dishonest and Stupid.” Shapiro described Anton’s essay as “incoherent, mind-numbing horseshit,” faulting him for repeating his noxious points “like a dog licking its own vomit.” Another conservative critique, from Michael Gerson, a former speechwriter for George W. Bush, described the essay as “a master class in overwriting,” and added, “seldom has a pseudonym been more needful to protect an author’s reputation."

    • The fear that minorities will take white man's jobs and station (no matter how low that station was, or is) have been used as a scapegoat and foisted as a long standing weapon used by the elite to obfuscate the fact it is actually them (elites) that are doing the damage.

    • If you are saying that progressive political movements and ideas cannot be propagated, that is ahistorical.

    • wow. I couldn't have said it better... or as well. spot on.

    • Sort of an aside, but I think 1%/99% concept is a convenient concept to ignore the poor. The implication is that the bottom 20% with an average annual income around $25,000 is in the same boat as the 80 to 99% group with an average annual income of $265,000. There's got to be a difference in urgency between putting food on the table, and putting a Porsche in the garage.

      Of course the conservatives (and many "moderates") are more concerned with the Porsche problem (ugh, taxes) than the food issue (ugh, food stamps).

      I'm a 100% Bernie rooter too.

    • In the corporate world, "synergy" is a euphemism for layoffs. Management will say that they found "synergy" between different groups in the organization, when they mean that they found various workers to be redundant.

    • Very excellent summary Professor Cole.

  • Top 5 Ways White Terrorism means never having to Say you're Sorry (21)
  • What to do with Confederate statues? (15)
    • There are murmurs among the Blue states which are mostly expressions of frustration at the cold hand grip the slaveholders of the 1780s built into the Constitution - but only murmurs. The exception is the Second Vermont Republic which I think is (pardon the stereotyping) a few Birkenstock-wearing guys who have meetings to air grievances - sort of like Festivus - and smoke a doob.

      On the other hand, there's Texas.

      link to

      I for one would be happy to see Texas go, as long as part of the deal is that it returns to Mexico. Every founding myth is a combination of fact and self-flattery; Texas's omits the most important chapter, the filibusters and their slaves.

      As to Kozmo's main argument, there are good reasons that the Constitution allows for new states' joining the Union (Art. IV) and has no provision for leaving. Much as I chafe under the injustice of the Electoral College, etc., that does not begin to justify the treason of dissolving Union.

  • Bannon must go, but after that, Protesters should listen to Bernie (26)
    • Well, Trump running for president in 2020 releases short campaign ad yesterday


      Can you spot any lies in the ad?

    • But more importantly, the people with genuine grievances about lack of jobs and lack of opportunity and lack of dignity need to be taught how to get those things in a positive way.

      But taught what, how, by whom? One might wish one could, but one cannot apply Reason to a storm. Plato's Republic was composed to demonstrate that can't be done. Canute rebuked the waves to demonstrate to over flattering courtiers where his authority did not go. There are stages that will have to unfold before society becomes differently adjusted economically. The most dangerous hurdle ahead is possible military takeover. Nobody likes to admit it too openly but ingredients for some kind of military/fascism are visible, as they were in the UK just prior to WWII with Mosley's BUF and blackshirts. Fortunately the more advanced fascism in Europe roused people to an awareness that stamped all that out before it went too far. The situations are not the same, they never are, but from 30,000 feet similarities are identifiable.

    • Unemployment, poor wages, exploitation, poor housing and insecurity are the breeding grounds for fascism and bit by bit this is now starting to occur in the USA. The never ending onward march of automation relieving workers of their jobs and lively hoods adds daily to the plight of the men and women who were once workers in society. people in this situation are easy prey for the merchants of fascism and who know just how to arouse race hatred among those without hope. Over here in Europe one might have thought that after Germany and world war two, that fascism had been stamped out for good, but I can assure you, fascism is alive and well and the breeding grounds for its revival are now just about everywhere. Although in the USA Trump and his side kicks can share some of the blame for the recent right wing disturbances, they are not the cause or the symptom as they inherited both. One has to ask why is it that Obama and others before him did little or nothing about the growing tide of depression and misery of the 'working class' ? Scapegoating Trump in the US or scapegoating the mass of immigrants?refugees etc in Europe is just passing the buck. Had previous administrations in the US not gone on a massively expensive war spree on a campaign of 'regime change' and spent that money instead on US infrastructure, things might be much better there today. Further, the nightmare now unfolding in Europe with a mass exodus of people from war torn countries would not have occurred either.

  • Top 5 Ways White Terrorism means never having to Say you're Sorry (21)
    • Islamic influence itself declined over the centuries since the Dark Ages.

      It lost Spain, large areas of Eastern Europe, and the Ottoman Empire collapsed after the end of WWI, leaving the Western powers - such as France and Great Britain to occupy North Africa, Iraq, and the Levant.

      The U.S. is a neo-colonial power in the Middle East - exploiting Israel, Egypt and the Persian Gulf states with its promises of foreign aid and establishment of military bases to perpetuate its welcome.

      America's reach into the deepest recesses into areas of Islamic fundamentalism is perhaps symbolized by the McDonald's restaurant franchise operated in Baalbek, Lebanon - a stronghold of the Hezbollah Party.

      If we look to the Far East, China is being co-opted economically by America - as they are learning to eat at McDonald's and drive cars manufactured in the U.S. while enriching themselves with American industrial technology and receiving interest payments on the U.S. national debt that they play a large part in financing.

      America has 20 billion dollars in annual bilateral trade with the Democratic Republic of Vietnam - the same nation it mercilessly bombed in the 1960s and early 70s.

      America is everywhere in the world. As with the British of yore - the sun never sets on the American Empire.

    • President Grant signed into law the most comprehensive civil rights legislation in U.S. history following the Civil War to protect blacks and empower them.

      This would include the 13th, 14th and 15th amendments to the Constitution and such legislation as the Ku Klux Klan Act, the Federal Civil Rights Act of 1871. Grant's actions to protect emancipated blacks were the cornerstone of his presidential legacy.

    • At this point it is premature to conclude whether or not the ramming of counter-protestors by James Fields in his Dodge Challenger was premeditated or whether the event was the result of a conspiracy with others at the rally.

      The FBI will likely try to ascertain when Fields formed his intent to ram the attendees and the reasons for doing so, plus whether Fields may have been intoxicated, had psychiatric disturbances or other mitigating factors that would amount to a form of diminished capacity.

      What is known about Fields is that he was 20 years old with no criminal record with a brief stint in the U.S. Army who had been a few hours earlier demonstrating with one of the white supremacist movements in Charlottesville known as Vanguard and displaying their shield.

      Expect his court-appointed criminal defense attorney to interpose some type of insanity or diminished capacity defense and request a psychiatric evaluation.

      The current state charge is second degree murder - which suggests that the prosecution has no evidence suggesting the incident was planned and conviction of that crime usually does not result in a life sentence.

      The FBI and U.S. Department of Justice could, however, seek a grand jury indictment for federal civil rights violations that could result in a sentence of life in prison for Fields.

  • What to do with Confederate statues? (15)
    • Sculpture garden is one idea.

      Removing them from public display and putting them in a museum is another.

      Here in Chicago there is a complete U-Boat (U505) on display at the Museum of Science and Industry. As far as I know nobody is offended by it.

      Those statutes are a reminder of a sorry part of American History. They are not to be exalted. Rather, displayed as a cautionary reminder of the baser impulses of some rather nasty people.

    • It should also be noted when many of these monuments were erected. They don't all date back to when the aging veterans of the Lost Cause wanted to honor their leaders. Many of them were put up in the '50s and '60s, in direct response to the civil rights movement.

    • I'm not in favor of removing statues. I'm in favor of adding them. No one is offended by Confederate monuments at Civil War battlefields because obviously every battle had two sides and both sides are represented on the battlefield. Lee, Longstreet, and Jackson are balanced by Grant, Sherman, and Hancock. Both sides of the story are told.

      So the solution to memorial statues such as the one to Robert E. Lee in Charlottesville is not to remove Lee but to add a counter-balancing statue. Nat Turner, for instance, was also a Virginian, so he might be appropriate. That would put Lee's service in context.

    • Tip the statues on thier side. Then build new statues of any one of the tens of thousands of white men from slave states that joined the union army with the boots of the new statues on the necks of the old statues.
      In addition to that new statues need to be built on evey side of every school in the USA, public or private. Wait in addition on every side of every police station in the USA.
      The statues would be any four from the following list:
      1. Thomas Paine
      2. Tecumseh
      3. Harriet Tubman
      4. John Brown
      5. Susan Anthony
      6.Carrie Nation
      7.Eugene Debs
      8.Medgar Evers
      9.James Zwerg
      0.Cesar Chavez
      ß.Ehren Watada
      !.Chelsa Manning
      Bad habits need to be replaced by good habits. Out with honoring the bad in with honoring the good.

  • If an Iranian president talked like Trump we'd think them all nut cases (11)
    • In a similar vein, on his August 4 HBO program, Bill Maher ended the show (his "New Rules" segment) with an Obama impersonator reading Donald Trump quotes in Barack Obama's voice.

      The humor derived from how absurd it would be for Obama to say such ludicrous things, but it also threw into sharp relief how conservatives would have FREAKED-OUT if he did.