Authors Promoting the New Books through Op-Eds

Informed Comment has often had success in promoting new books by publishing an op-ed by the author. Submissions are welcome.

Books are hard to insert into cyberspace conversations. It takes time to read them and often by the time I get to them, they are old news.

All along, IC has however had some success in bringing books to the attention of readers by offering authors the opportunity to write an op-ed on some burning issue in the day’s headlines that is related to the book. We don’t want a book summary or a book review. We want an 800 word Washington Post style op-ed. But it is ideally on a subject of relevance for the book. Then we put a cover graphic and book-buying link at the bottom. Often this way of proceeding has helped sales.

Us the Contact Form for submissions.

Some examples of past such entries:

Nicholas Seely , “A Syrian Wedding.”

Lawrence Davidson “Foreign Policy, Inc.”

Rick Shenkman “Just how Stupid Are We?”

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  1. Back from Tehran with french Medef delegation,I am glad to announce the publication of a new edited book on Iran’s economy with contributions by iranian and foreign experts (including several G2K members): L’Economie Réelle de l’Iran au-delà des chiffres (Iran’s Real Economy Beyond Statistics).A fairly significant proportion of the book is written in english.

    A first section includes chapters on Ahmadinejad’s legacy and on Rohani’s plans and reforms;a second section describes some features of iranian economy;a third section is devoted to a first set of descriptions of iranian practices (management,adaptation to local conditions,….)within various sectors by people involved in business and management. They show “how it works” . An impressive example: Total oil company at South Pars : how to work with iranians, a mutual adaptation.Two leading heads (or former head) of french major manufacturers explain through their experience the conditions for successfully and efficiently doing business in the Islamic Republic.

    Three chapters by an iranian insider (businessman) reveal the real practices in housing market,forex market,Stock exchange and banking system.

    Inquiries : either or through the Publisher ( L’harmattan, Paris,France) : link to

    It can be ordered as well through Amazon.

    Should you feel this interesting, you may keep your readers informed of this publication.


    Michel Makinsky (editor)

    General Manager,Ageromys International consultants

    Lecturer,France Business School (Poitiers).Research Associate IPSE (Paris).

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