Jordanian Officials Are Conducting

The Jordanian officials are conducting interrogations of Muslim fundamentalists in Jordan concering the assassination of Laurence Foley, the head of US AID in Amman. An al-Qaeda link is suspected, but it is also admitted that in the current atmosphere it could have been the act of a local group. A group called Honest People of Jordan has taken responsibility, according to UPI. The group’s statement on a web site indicated they had acted because of US support for Israeli actions in the West Bank. They appear to be radical Islamists.

This brutal murder will set back, not aid their cause. Foley, 60, had devoted his life to development efforts, and was trying to help Jordanians, who, God knows, need economic development aid. It is to weep.

In the meantime, two mansions belonging to a major tribal leader in Yemen were blown up, and an al-Qaeda connection is suspected there, too. This tribal leader had cooperated with Yemeni government attempts to curb al-Qaeda activities in that country.

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