Ambassador Wilson Interview By Josh

Ambassador Wilson interview by Josh Marshall, part 2

Talkingpointsmemo has posted the second part of a long interview with Joe Wilson, who served in the embassy in Baghdad just before the last Gulf War, who investigated and disproved the fraudulent claims that Iraq had tried to purchase Niger uranium, but who was ignored by the Bush administration. He also goes into the allegation made by the Bush white house that his wife works for the CIA, as leaked to journalist Robert Novak. As he points out, if the allegation were true, this leak would constitute a serious breach of national security and would merit condign punishment under a 1982 law. Someone high in the Bush administration was attempting to punish Wilson for speaking out on Iraq, and was willing to stoop so low as to put Wilson’s wife in danger. (One side effect of this kind of tactic may well be to damage our nation’s security, since anyone who thought he or she might end up speaking out politically might avoid giving valuable information to the CIA or other national security agencies for fear of being ‘outed’ later on). The interview is a must-read.


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