Guerrillas Kill 2 Us Troops Wound 10

Guerrillas Kill 2 US troops, wound 10

Guerrillas killed two US troops at Kirkuk on Wednesday, according to al-Sharq al-Awsat; this report was not confirmed at press time by the US military. The paper also reported three US troops wounded at a Kurdish village, Laylan, near Kirkuk.. Guerrillas wounded 2 US soldiers in Baghdad with an explosive device aimed at their convoy as it entered a tunnel, around 6:45 am on Wednesday. Guerillas wounded 4 US soldiers in Fallujah with a bombing of their convoy. Local townspeople gathered to watch the wrecked vehicle burn, looting it and cheeing. They then threw fuel on it. In Mosul, guerillas exploded a bomb in front of a convoy of the 101st Airborne Division, slightly injuring 1 US soldier. Lt. Gen. Sanchez said at his news conference that the number of attacks is increasing, and recently peaked at 35 one day. Although he tried hard to pin some attacks on al-Qaeda, he more or less admitted that they are mainly carried out by Sunni Arab nationalists from Iraq. He let slip that no confirmed al-Qaeda suspects is in US custody. The US has made hundreds of arrests. I believe that the opposition is mainly homegrown.

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