Igc Cant Let Go Some Members Of Interim

IGC Can’t Let Go

Some members of the Interim Governing Council, which was set to be dissolved in June on the election of a new transitional government, are now saying they don’t want the IGC dissolved. They hope for it to stick around as a sort of Senate. Apparently the Shiites, like Abdul Aziz al-Hakim, are leading the charge on this. I take it as a sign that the IGC members know they have little hope of getting elected by the ordinary Iraqis. Many of them were long-time expatriates with few grass roots. I’ve all along said that the Sadrists could elect far more members of parliament than could the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq.

Despite Doug Feith’s attempt to paint the IGC as “representative,” in fact it wasn’t elected by anyone. It was appointed by Paul Bremer. Sistani has already said that as an appointed body it lacks legitimacy. He won’t be happy about it trying to remain in power.

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