Saddam Is Sinful Aggressor And American

Saddam is a sinful Aggressor and the American Forces are Guests in Iraq: Muqtada

Trans. J. Cole

The prominent Shiite Iraqi leader Muqtada al-Sadr called upon the American troops in his country to spare lives, and called them to unity and brotherhood with the Iraqi people. He affrimed that “Saddam Hussein and his followers are the enemies of Iraq, not the Americans.” In a statement distributed in Najaf, excerpts of which were published in the newspaper al-Sabah [Saturday], he characterized the presence of US troops in Iraq as “that of guests”, and described the Americans as a “peace-loving people.” He described Saddam as a “sinful aggressor.” He said, “The Iraqi people want only good for the Americans, and there is no enemy of Iraq except Saddam and his followers.”


Nov. 2

p. 4

All the threats the CPA has been making about arresting Muqtada appear to have gotten through to him. It is a good sign that he can roll with these punches and not just go hysterical when pressured. If he plays his cards right he has a future as a politician in Iraq, but only if he gives up this militia business and sticks to ward politics.

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