Two Us Soldiers 20 Iraqis Wounded In

Two US Soldiers, 20 Iraqis Wounded in Baghdad Firefight

Two US soldiers were wounded on Friday in Abu Gharib, Baghdad. Guerrillas in the area had tossed grenades at US forces. The US army responded by doing search and discover operations, supported by tanks. One tank accidentally ran over a six-year-old boy. His death provoked locals to fire at the US forces and the Iraqi police. They killed an Iraqi policeman and wounded the two US soldiers. The army returned fire, wounding 20 Iraqis.

In Fallujah, a crowd gathered in front of the municipal building to demand that the offices, which had been targeted by guerrillas, be moved. When the crowd invaded the building, Iraqi police fired on them, killing one man. In response, friends or relatives of the man fired rocket-propelled grenades and assault rifles at the Municipal building, infuriated.

Near Baqubah, two Iraqi civilians were killed by a land mine that had been planted near a US base. Also near Baqaubah, US troops shot a farmer to death while he was watering his fields, perhaps mistaking him for a guerrilla.

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