Vatican Denounces Islamist Attacks On

Vatican Denounces Islamist Attacks on Christian Schools in Mosul

Radical Muslims sprayed machine gun fire at properties of the Assyrian Antiochan church in Mosul and planted hand grenades in schools maintained by the church. The attacks brought a condemnation from the Vatican. Iraqi police found the hand grenades, which could have injured school children, and removed them. (az-Zaman)

The attacks on US allies in Iraq such as the UN, the Italians, the Ukrainians, the British, and NGOs, by the Sunni Arab nationalists and Islamists who make up the guerrilla forces have been meant to punish anyone who aids the US occupation and reconstruction efforts. I have been worried that at some point Iraq’s small Christian community might begin being tagged as cultural collaborators (even though Christianity in Iraq rather predates the United States). Radical Muslims have attacked Christians in Pakistan, as well, to protest Gen. Musharraf’s alliance with the US after September 11.

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