Higher 2 Day Casualty Totals I Had

Higher 2-day Casualty Totals

I had written on Friday,

“(More troops have been killed on a single day in the past, but 44

killed-and-wounded must be the highest 2-day total since May 1; maybe since

March 19?)”

Reader Robert Lyday replies:


Looking more like 42 casualties that day, not 44, but anyway……..on

December 9 there were 63 troops wounded, mostly in a suicide bombing attack

on a US base in Tal Afar . . .

40 US troops were wounded and 3 were killed on October 27, the day of the

massive coordinated car bombings of Baghdad police stations.

18 soldiers killed, 31 wounded on November 2, the day of the downing of the

Chinook in Fallujah. That makes 49 casualties. In addition, 2 US Army

Corps of Engineers employees were killed and 2 more wounded. Not sure if

you want to count civilians? You throw those in and you get 53 casualties,

20 killed and 33 wounded.

Robert Lyday”

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