Cpa Official Launches False Allegations

CPA Official Launches False Allegations against Iran

In a desperate attempt to redirect anger away from the Coalition Provisional Authority, one of its officials told the newspaper az-Zaman that he believed Iranians were behind the attacks. This allegation strikes me as completely implausible, and, indeed, as almost certainly a lie put out by a CPA ally of neocon fraudster Michael Ledeen, who helped the Khomeini regime via Iran-contra in the 1980s but has more recently advocated overthrowing it.. Iranians were among the major victims of the explosions. AFP says that Iran has forbidden its citizens to go on pilgrimage to the Shiite shrines in Iraq until the security situation improves., and blamed the US for poor provision of security. The Iranian news service reports that ‘the Iranian Foreign Ministry has launched investigations on the attacks and has made efforts to identify, through the Iraqi organizations, the agents behind the assaults.

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