Us Marine 13 Iraqis Killed In Fighting

US Marine, 13 Iraqis, Killed in Fighting on Friday

AFP reports that 13 Iraqis and a US Marine were killed in separate incidents on Friday. Marines engaged in an extensive firefight with guerrillas in Fallujah, in which 4 Iraqis were killed and 7 wounded, and in which guerrillas killed one US Marine. One of the Iraqis killed was a cameraman for ABC News.

An Iraqi cameraman working for the US television network ABC was killed on Friday by a bullet to the forehead when US troops fired in the direction of journalists during clashes in the flashpoint town of Fallujah, doctors and witnesses said. ‘ Also on Friday, four Iraqi Civil Defence Corps (ICDC) personnel were killed and four wounded in heavy fighting with insurgents in Tikrit, north of Baghdad, a US military spokesperson said. ‘ Three guerrillas appear to have been killed at Tikrit.

Ash-Sharq al-Awsat reports that most of the Arab population in the northern city of Mosul are still loyal to the Baath Party and Saddam Hussein.

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