Zarqawi Dossier I Have Begun Putting

Zarqawi Dossier

I have begun putting together a dossier on Abu Musab al-Zarqawi (a.k.a. Ahmad Fadil Nazzal Al-Khalayleh). It will include US government documents in the public domain and excerpts from press accounts for non-profit, academic use. If Zarqawi has emerged, according to Gen. John Abizaid, as a major threat to US national security, it seemed worthwhile to try to get some reliable information on him pulled together in one place. I will also include some documents that strike me as weak, just for the sake of completeness. Anyone who reads through the whole dossier can see for themselves what seems to fit and be plausible. I have been asked by a number of journalists what we know about Zarqawi’s al-Tawhid organization and his reputed rivalry with Usama Bin Laden. The material is all there, especially in summer of 2003 entries.

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