10 Us Troops Killed On Thursday Between

10 US Troops Killed on Thursday

Between a huge roadside bomb in Baghdad, a rocket propelled grenade attack in Sadr City, and an attack in the eastern city of Baqubah, guerrillas killed 10 US troops on Thursday. There were further airstrikes on the Julan district of Fallujah, but the day ended with a decision not to invade the city. A South African citizen and at least 10 Iraqis were also killed around the country.

Four mortars were fired early Thursday morning near the Japanese base in Samawah, a small Shiite city of southern Iraq. Two mortar shells landed just outside the base. No one was hurt.

The US bombed the Julan quarter of Fallujah heavily on Thursday. The Guardian reports civilian casualties and argues that most of the fighters are not ex-Baathists or radicals, but young Fallujan men defending their city.

The New York Times did a fluff piece on the Fallujah bombings, quoting US military figures about how precise the AC-130 warplanes are. I am highly skeptical of these claims. Even blowing out the windows of a building, which bombing with howitzers would do, creates a hazard of flying glass that can severely injure civilians in the area, including children. The US would not use 500 pound bombs and AC-130s to get at a gang in Los Angeles or New York that had attacked police officers. It shouldn’t be using such tactics in a country where it is the Occupying Power, either.

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