Ex Baath Reservist Officers Recalled In

Ex-Baath Reservist Officers Recalled in Iraq

Az-Zaman: The new minister of defense, Ali Allawi, has called upon all officers in the former Baath military reserves, who have been cleared by US civil administrator Paul Bremer, to report to duty in the Civil Defense Forces.

The move comes after a sharp deterioration of security in Iraq’s major cities, according to az-Zaman

The Interim Governing Council will take up with Paul Bremer next week the issue of how former Baath officers with experience can be recalled if they had not been involved in crimes against humanity. A center is being set up in Mosul where they can apply for return to duty. The IGC is very concerned, however, that officers with a criminal past not return to sensitive positions (I suspect they fear some unreconstructed Saddamists will get in, and possibly make a coup down the road).

Meanwhile, ash-Sharq al-Awsat alleges that the US has recently released 2500 Baath detainees, including some former high officials of the fallen regime.

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