Interrogator Diary Bilmon Has Via

Interrogator Diary

Bilmon has , via a reader, Bernhard, managed a real journalistic coup. He found a cached diary, kept at a rightwing radio station, KSTP, of Joe Ryan, until recently a military interrogator at Abu Ghuraib prison.

Quite aside from the issues Billmon raises, about the evidence for the continued presence at Abu Ghuraib of abusive civilian interrogators working for CACI well into April, the diary is remarkable for its complete ignorance of what was going on in Iraq. Ryan alleges that the Mahdi Army, a militia of Iraqi Shiite young men from the ghettos, was made up of Iranians! And he says that Sistani wants power for himself. If this is what CPA people think in Iraq, no wonder they have screwed up the Occupation so badly.

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