Allawi Accused Of Murdering Prisoners

Allawi Accused of Murdering Prisoners

Paul McGeough, Chief Sydney Morning Herald Correspondent, in Baghdad reports that eyewitnesses are saying Iyad Allawi personally executed several prisoners in late June just before the Americans turned the country over to him. Of the eyewitnesses, he says:

They say the prisoners – handcuffed and blindfolded – were lined up against a wall in a courtyard adjacent to the maximum-security cell block in which they were held at the Al-Amariyah security centre, in the city’s south-western suburbs. They say Dr Allawi told onlookers the victims had each killed as many as 50 Iraqis and they “deserved worse than death” . . . Iraq’s Interior Minister, Falah al-Naqib, is said to have looked on and congratulated him when the job was done. Mr al-Naqib’s office has issued a verbal denial.

Allawi was once a Baathist hit man in London who fell out with Saddam and then directed terrorist operations against Baghdad. Some reports suggest that one of his operations once resulted in the bombing of a schoolbus in which school children died.

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