Brahimi Iraq War Caused More Problems

Brahimi: Iraq War Caused More Problems than it Solved, Brought Terrorism to Iraq

Deutsche Press Agentur reports that former UN special envoy to Iraq, Lakhdar Brahimi, expresed deep criticism of the Bush administration’s Iraq war in an Austrian newspaper interview. Excerpts:

‘ [Brahimi] said Iraq would no doubt recover from the chaos in which it was presently. ”The question is only, how long will it take? And what will the normalization cost?” The price up till now had already been very high . . . Brahimi said the resistance in Iraq was difficult to analyze. Alongside the old cadres of the Baath regime of Saddan Hussein, there was a strong group of Iraqis which for patriotic reasons attacked any form of occupation. . .

Here, action was needed by the Interim Government of Iyad Allawi.

”It must prove that it has real sovereignty, and that it’s not just a puppet of the Americans. But that’s difficult with 150,000 foreign soldiers in the country.” . . .

Asked whether the Iraq war had harmed the ”war on terrorism”, Brahimi said: ”The Iraq war was unnecessary. It created more problems than it solved – and it brought terrorism to Iraq.”

Brahimi, who was formerly U.N. envoy for Afghanistan, warned that the country was on a dangerous course. The regional warlords had too much power and influence. ”There are presently developments similar to those events of 1992 which led the Taliban to success.” At that time, Afghans had welcomed the Taliban as liberators from the chaos and arbitrary rule of the regional warlords, said Brahimi.

Brahimi clearly worries that Iraq may be headed toward major civil disturbances of the sort that have wracked his own country (and left over 100,000 dead). That is what he means by his remark that the Iraq war created more problems than it solved.

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