No Pakistani Official Made This

“No Pakistani Official Made this Intelligence Leak”

AP reports that Pakistani officials continue to insist that the leak of double agent Muhammad Naeem Nur Khan’s name to the press on Aug. 1 was done by “Coalition partners,” though they are circumspect about directly accusing the US. AP writes,

‘ The first official described the initial publication of the news of Khan’s arrest as “very disturbing.”

“We have checked. No Pakistani official made this intelligence leak,” he said.

Without naming any country, he said it was the responsibility of “coalition partners” to examine how a foreign journalist was able to have an access to the “classified information” about Khan’s arrest. ‘

On reflection, it now seems clear that the US release of the name of Abu Eisa Hindi, an al-Qaeda operative arrested by the British on August 3rd in the wake of the US naming of Khan (his cousin), was also considered a grave error by the British.

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