Bombings And Other News Associated

Bombings and other News

Associated Press reports the latest developments in Iraq. Highlights include the killing of 5 Iraqis in the Shiite ghetto of East Baghdad by US tank fire. Meanwhile, Muqtada al-Sadr is reportedly negotiating with the US for an end to military operations in Sadr City, a part of Baghdad named after his father, where he has many followers.

US warplanes and tanks also struck in Fallujah again on Sunday, leaving an estimated 4 persons dead, including one couple, and some 14 wounded.

Near Tikrit, guerrillas shot a Turkish truck driver to death.

Guerrillas blew up a roadside bomb at Abu Ghuraib on the western rim of Baghdad, killing one Iraqi and wounding 3.

Guerrillas in Baqubah set off a roadside bomb as a police car drove over it, injuring one policeman.

Near Ramadi, a US military vehicle struck a roadside bomb, but there is no word on casualties.

In Samarra, where a recent join US and Iraqi National Guards attack cleared guerrillas from the center of the city, local hospital authorities report that 70 corpses were brought in during the fighting, and that 23 of them were children and 18 were women.

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