Secret Service Still Hasnt Caught Bin

Secret Service Still Hasn’t Caught Bin Laden

Shouldn’t the Secret Service be out trying to find Bin Laden and al-Zawahiri?. The most prominent organized group that I know of trying to kill the president is at large, its leaders taunting us.

So how are we using our Secret Service to best effect? The Chicago Sun-Times tells us:

“Organizers of a politically charged art exhibit at Columbia College’s Glass Curtain Gallery thought their show might draw controversy. But they didn’t expect two U.S. Secret Service agents would be among the show’s first visitors. The agents turned up Thursday evening, just before the public opening of “Axis of Evil, the Secret History of Sin,” and took pictures of some of the art pieces — including “Patriot Act,” showing President Bush on a mock 37-cent stamp with a revolver pointed at his head.”

It’s art, guys.

If they have a travel budget, I suggest they check out this Guernica painting in Madrid, too. It is widely rumored to be anti-war, to support the Basques (ETA has been involved in terrorism), and to have been painted by a Communist.

I think we can all sleep more safely tonight here in the Midwest, I’ll tell you that.

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