Talabani President Iraqi National

Talabani President

The Iraqi National Assembly is set to announce the formation of a presidential council on Wednesday, selecting Kurdish leader Jalal Talabani as president, Adil Abdul Mahdi as a vice president, and Ghazi al-Yawar as the other vice president. Abdul Mahdi is a member of the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq who has gravitated toward a faith in the free market (he is rumored to have been a Maoist in his youth). Yawir is the current president, and is from the powerful Shamar tribe.

Reuter adds

‘ A U.S. soldier was killed in Baghdad when guerrillas ambushed a patrol with a roadside bomb and then opened fire, the American military said. On Tuesday, the military announced that four U.S. soldiers had been killed in attacks in Iraq.’

The tactics of the guerrillas in Iraq continue to evolve.

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