Prospect Of Islamic Law In Iraq

The Prospect of Islamic Law in Iraq

A secular Muslim reader writes on the reactionary implications of implementing Islamic canon law in Iraq:

‘ Unfortunately Sharia as we know it is implemented to punish the down trodden and the powerless, whose hands are cut off or who are pelted with stones or lashed in public for what is described a “sin committed by people who live in Dar-Al Islam.”

Sharia became a major tool to beat down moderate opposition as well as pushing women into the back seat in the corrupt kingdom of the Saudis. Nimeiri of Sudan used it in the 80’s to get a base of support among Muslims and in northern Nigeria zealous Muslims declared Sharia without realizing Sharia is not a solution to what had befallen Muslim communities there.

I am not sure why America is supporting the implementation of Sharia to be imposed from the top to bottom at a time of chaos, killings and mayhem. Corruption is rampant in Iraq, and assuming there is implementation of Islamic canon law, would the punishment start with Allawi, whose cabinet members including his defense minister [are accused of having] pocketed hundreds of millions of dollars–or a man who steals a pack of cigarette from vendor? I am sure the latter is true.

Sharia and a religion that is mixed with politics only protects the powerful and it should be known to the Muslim masses throughout the world that the priority is the rule of law, development of modern society, civil society, the right to assembly and peaceful demonstration, electing public officials, and transparency that encompasses all types of activities.

Bush’s crime family has no problem if Iraq becomes another failed nation as long as the second deadline of Aug 22 becomes “successful”. For that, Bush and his gang would fan the “good news” Iraq is reaching a new milestone! Bush has a dark vision, among which Christianity is a solution for everything that we can think of. ‘

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