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Daily Kos Diaries on US troop withdrawals from Iraq:

“Quit Your Bellyachin'”.


“Juan Cole says now is the time to leave Iraq”

Stirling Newberry at BOP also has a good discussion.

I should clarify that as several diarists noted, I do believe that the US has a duty to manage the withdrawal so as not to provoke a massive civil war. I suspect that can be done with a combination of continued training and arming of the new Iraqi army and air power. For those who say there is no way to prevent massive civil war and a million dead, I’d just suggest that that level of fatalism is not helpful or necessary or even perhaps moral. American liberals tend to believe that no form of military force is ever useful, which is rather an odd belief for non-pacifists and in light of the obvious usefulness it has had on a number of occasions in dealing with fascists, thugs and other people who use force and need to be opposed with force.

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