Violence Kills 29 Despite Curfew In

Violence Kills 29 Despite Curfew in Iraq
British Embassy in Tehran Torched

Despite the daytime curfew, violence killed 29 in Iraq on Sunday and wounded dozens. A series of eight mortar shells slammed into Shiite neighborhoods, killing 16 persons and wounding some 45. Many women and children were among the victims. There was other violence in Baghdad, as well as in Baqubah, Hillah, Basra and elsewhere, prompting former British envoy in Iraq to characterize the country as already in a state of low-level civil war. Iraqi officials have nevertheless lifted the curfew for Monday, in part because food stocks in stores are running low and there is danger of widespread hunger if people are not allowed to restock and shop.

Angry Iranians threw Molotov cocktails at the British embassy in Tehran on Sunday. Over 1,000 students maintained that Coalition forces in Iraq were responsible for the bombing last Wednesday of the Askariyah Shrine in Samarra.

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