Dozens Kidnapped Killed Wounded Car

Dozens Kidnapped, Killed, Wounded

A car bomb wounded 11 in an attack on police in the norther part of the city of Hilla.

Guerrillas killed two US soldiers in separate incidents and wounded 3, at an installation near to Baghdad.

Three guerrilla cells kidnapped 24 Iraqis in Baghdad on Tuesday, from 2 electronics shops and a money changing stall.

Guerrilla violence killed 9 and wounded 29 in separate incidents around the country.

The US military imposed a curfew on the oil city of Beiji north of Baghdad on Tuesday.

Timothy Phelps of Newsday has more on the conflict between the US military and the Shiite politicians over Sunday’s raid on the Mustafa Husayniyah in the Ur district of Baghdad. Shiites maintain that innocent worshippers were shot down. The US military says it was raiding a militia center and captured weapons, and that someone rearranged the bodies to make them look like innocents.

Halliburton’s KRB division “universally failed to provide adequate cost information as required.” according to a US government report, while it racked up billions in no-bid contracts.

Wanting to increase the number of Sunni Arabs in the Iraqi armed forces and being able to do so are not the same thing.

The US tried to get a message to Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani on Tuesday, asking him to intervene to resolve the gridlock in the formation of a new Iraqi government.

Eric Haney, a founding member of the Delta Force anti-terrorist unit, has denounced the Iraq War as an “utter debacle,” and has blamed widespread US use of torture to the sadism of Dick Cheney, who he says seems to enjoy it. When people like Haney talk like this, it is probably over with.

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