Endowment Effort For Knight Wallace

Endowment Effort for Knight-Wallace Middle East Fellows

Here’s an extremely important announcement:

The Knight-Wallace Fellows in Journalism at the University of Michigan is opening an endowment drive to benefit journalists from the Middle East. Knight-Wallace is one of America’s most prestigious programs in the field. Each year it attracts a dozen of the best journalists in America for a sabbatical year of custom-designed study in any field, or combination of them. The position for Middle East journalists can be named for the donor(s) and will require an endowment of $2 million. For details on the program, go to www.KWFellows.org.

The Knight-Wallace Journalism program at the University of Michigan is among the more important pieces of public diplomacy in higher education in the United States, and the possibility of having a dedicated endowment specifically to bring Middle Eastern journalists to Ann Arbor for a year is highly praiseworthy. It has gotten harder (or at least far more of a hassle and a humiliation) for Middle Eastern students to come to the US for college, and it is important that we continue to reach out to and bring here opinion leaders. Any of my readers who wants a worthy cause to which to contribute, here is one.

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