Demonstrations On Thursday Face

Demonstrations on Thursday Face Repression
Egypt’s Mubarak Criticizes Washington

HOw will the Mubarak regime deal with the protests planned for today against the lack of judicial independence and the rigging of elections?

My article on the increasing annoyance Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak is showing toward Bush administration policies in the Middle East is out in


‘ Egypt’s alliance with the United States, a cornerstone of both countries’ foreign policies since 1978, is under the severest strain it has witnessed in its nearly 30 years. This week at the Davos World Economic Forum, President Hosni Mubarak took a number of obvious swipes at U.S. policy. Mubarak’s unusual criticisms reflected both his own uneasiness about the growing opposition to his regime — for which Washington is partly responsible — and his anger at Bush’s disastrous policies in the region, which have produced an Iraq in flames and under the domination of fundamentalist parties, a deadlocked peace process and a Hamas government in Palestine, and a dangerous escalation of tensions with Iran. It is unclear how much impact on U.S. policies Mubarak will have. But that even America’s most reliable Middle East pillars appear to be trembling should cause concern in the White House. ‘

Read the whole thing.

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