Maysan Governing Council Members Go On

Maysan Governing Council Members Go on Strike

The deteriorating security situation in southern Iraq has been dealt another blow, as provincial governing council members have suspended their membership. The following is the USG Open Source Center translation.

‘Al-Zaman: Maysan Advisory Council Protests British Forces’ Raids
Report by Basim al-Shaykh Ali: “Maysan Advisory Council Suspends Work in Protest Over British Forces’ Raids”


Wednesday, June 14, 2006 T16:42:56Z

Yesterday (11 June), Maysan Advisory Council members suspended their membership in protest over the raids carried out by British forces two days ago, during which a number of people were either killed or injured. The British Army confirmed that British troops have been subjected to a series of attacks, while Iraqi police said that five people were injured and five others were killed in clashes between Al-Mahdi Army and British forces in Al-Amarah. However Martyr Al-Sadr Bureau in Maysan denied the clashes . . .

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