32 Killed 151 Wounded In Karada

32 Killed, 151 Wounded in Karada Strikes

Sunni Arab guerrillas used a combination of car bombs and mortar strikes to kill at least 32 persons in the upscale, predominantly Shiite Karada district on Thursday, while wounding 151.

The explosions took place near the home of Vice President Adil Abdul Mahdi, and this area generally supports the Supreme Council for Islamic Revolution in Iraq (SCIRI). That is, the Sunni Arab guerrillas were targeting the Shiite bourgeoisie this time, not the poor of Sadr City. SCIRI leader Abdul Aziz al-Hakim also leads the United Iraqi Alliance, the largest party in parliament.

Photo Courtesy KarbalaNews.net

Some 19 bodies were found in the capital, killed execution style, the victims of faith-based reprisals. In East Baghdad, 5 traffic policemen were kidnapped.

Guerrillas opened fire on Georgian troops at a checkpoint near Baquba on Thursday. No word on casualties.

Reuters reports other casualties in the ongoing civil war violence.

Tony Karon on how the Lebanon War imperils Bush’s policies in Iraq.

Blackwater and Falluja— did the mercenaries mess up the US effort in Iraq?

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