56 Of Americans Iraq War Not Worth It

56% of Americans: Iraq War not Worth it
Lockdown Continues amid Shiite Pilgrimage
and more Violence

US troops found weaponry in an office affiliated with Shiite nationalist cleric Muqtada al-Sadr. The US sweep of Baghdad is aimed at reducing militia and guerrilla activity in the city. Of course, this can be accomplished while there is heavy US presence, the question is whether, once the US troops withdraw, it just pops up again.

Reuters gives the details of civil war violence in Iraq on Saturday. The deadliest incident occurred in Baqubah, where nine persons were shot down, including two university lecturers and a human rights worker.

George W. Bush has managed to cut the Christian population of Iraq in half. The insecurity has led some 600,000 to flee to Syria and Lebanon. As for the ones who fled to Lebanon, they recently faced a further disaster . . .

Some 56 percent of Americans think that Iraq has not been worth the loss of our US GIs’ lives.

The Muslim world would just as soon we didn’t intrevene so much in their affairs, either. Esposito: It’s the Policy Stupid. On the US and the Muslim world in polling.

Is a serious diplomatic engagement with Iran Washington’s next step. Well, I shouldn’t have thought so. But the aftermath of wars is a time when the unexpected happens.

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