10 Us Troops Killed Dozens Of Iraqis

10 US Troops Killed, Dozens of Iraqis

While US politicians were mesmerized by the Iraq Study Group report, the Iraqis went on with their bloody civil war. See the next entry for the hyperlink.

AFP reports on responses to Baker-Hamilton by Iraqi politicians. The main concern seems to be a) that the US will pressure them using threats of withdrawal and b) that the US will actually withdraw and leave them embroiled in a civil war.

Iraqi guerrillas killed 10 US troops on Wednesday, among the largest one-day totals in the past three years.

Reuters reports major civil war violence in Iraq on Wednesday. The usual daily harvest of some 60 bodies showed up in the streets of the capital, and there were several deadly mortar attacks and bombings.

Iran is already pledging a lot of help to Iraq, whether it ends up talking to the Americans or not.

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