4 Us Troops Killed 9 Wounded 1993 Wtc

4 US Troops Killed, 9 Wounded
1993 WTC Attack was al-Qaeda, not Saddam

A lot of commentators will note that Khalid Sheikh Muhammad has admitted that he planned out the 9/11 attacks. What they will miss is that he claimed the 1993 World Trade Center bombing as his idea, as well, and as an al-Qaeda operation. Remember that Paul Wolfowitz, following the frankly kookie Laurie Mylroie, blamed Saddam Hussein for the 1993 bombing. Wolfowitz was then the number 2 man in the Pentagon and enormously influential. His conviction that Bin Laden was “one little man” and that 9/11 had to have had a state sponsor (i.e. Iraq) helped drive us into the current quagmire. Wolfowitz was wrong, dead wrong. Has he ever admitted it? Should someone so wrong on so much really be heading the World Bank?

The senate has brought to the floor a proposal that would gradually bring US troops out of Iraq. Republicans are confident that they can still defeat it.

The deaths of 4 US GIs were announced Wednesday, with 3 killed in Diyala Province and 9 wounded.

In the northern Turkmen and Kurdish city of Tuz Khurmato, guerrillas set off a bomb that killed 10 and wounded 15.

4 decapitated bodies were found in Baquba, the provincial capital of Diyala, northeast of Baghdad. In Iskandariya, guerrillas blew up a mosque. Police found 16 bodies in the streets of Baghdad. There were scattered bombings and shootings around the country.

Rolling Stone does a piece that quotes me and others on the situation in Iraq and the best and worst scenarios.

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