Aipac Cool To Cheney Responding To This

AIPAC Cool to Cheney

Responding to this IC posting, Ron Kampea kindly writes:

I was one of the reporters noting the relatively cool reception for Cheney’s remarks, an impression I confirmed later in extensive conversations at the conference. (Similar accounts appeared in Ha’aretz, the Forward and the Jerusalem Post.) There were whole chunks of the Iraq portion of Cheney’s Iraq speech that were met with silence – even the clear applause cues. And those portions that were applauded never got even half the hall; I saw most of the hall seated, arms crossed at those times. The boos for Pelosi, by the way, came AFTER she got cheered for her call for a withdrawal. I.e. applause, cheers and then a few scattered boos. The cheers for Pelosi’s Iraq withdrawal call, it must be said, were basically polite – not at all overwhelming; but the boos were even weaker . . . Here are the links, if you’re still interested in adding them.

Here and here.

I don’t think the CNN correspondent as you say “did not see it that way.” She seems, rather, the victim of poor editing: Cheney certainly got unadulterated cheers for his comments supporting Israel; that’s what she seems to be saying in her final graf:

Cheney’s remarks were met with hearty applause from members of the committee, a pro-Israeli lobbying group. The vice president emphasized President Bush’s ties to the Jewish nation, saying Israel has never had a stronger supporter in the White House.

Ron Kampeas
Washington bureau chief
The Jewish Telegraphic Agency

For another examination of differences within the Jewish community over issues like military aggression toward Iran, see this piece in the American Conservative. The article looks at the emerging liberal Jewish blogosphere that is unafraid to acknowledge and challenge the influence of the Israel lobby.

37% of American Jews don’t feel a strong connection to Israel, and many are uncomfortable with Israeli policies such as Alison Weir reveals on Israeli strip-searches of Palestinian women and children.

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