Sunni Bloc Returns To Parliament Lat Is

Sunni Bloc Returns to Parliament
ABC News Raw Footage

The LAT is reporting that the Sunni Arab Iraqi Accord Front is ending its suspension of participation in parliament. It had demanded that deposed speaker of the house be returned to his post, and the Shiites and Kurds have given in and allowed it (with the “understanding” that al-Mashhadani would resign before too long– a face-saving measure). Al-Mashhadani had been accused of threatening members of parliament with bodily harm, and even of striking some.

Meanwhile, ABC’s broadcast of raw footage from Iraq shot by the intrepid Sean Smith of The Guardian has been seen 250,000 times online. US television has tended to show a sanitized war compared to what is on the Arab satellite stations every day. One seldom even sees blood or victims in the hospital bandaged up. If Americans saw how the sausage was made, they would find it even less appetizing.

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