Sadr Threatens Weekly Demos; The Forgotten Refugees; Same old Retired Guys on the Take, on TV

Muqtada al-Sadr is urging Iraqis to hold weekly demonstrations after mosque prayers on Fridays against the proposed security agreement being negotiated by the al-Maliki government with the US. Sadr fears al-Maliki will give up too much of Iraq’s sovereignty.

McClatchy says that Bush wants to give $600 million for the Iraqi police; but he wants to cut back support for American police!

Blue Girl reminds us about the millions of displaced Iraqis, whose lives have not improved despite Bush’s renewed optimism on Iraq.

Not only did the corporate television news channels ignore the NYT report outing their “defense analysts” as deeply intertwined with private defense contractors and privy to special briefings by Bush’s Pentagon, but they apparently intend to go on shamelessly serving up the same fare.

Let’s just imagine that you are a retired senior officer, and that you have a cushy deal with a corporation that depends on Pentagon contracts. And lets say you are asked if it is a good idea to get up a war with Iran. Remember, your friends’ contracts and your own retirement home in Palm Springs depend on it.

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