Because You aren’t Angry Enough: Found on Reddit

Russia just defeated the US in the race for Central Asian gas. The US bet on a gas pipeline through Taliban territory in Afghanistan and Pakistan to India while trying to sideline Russia and Iran! Putin is rivalling the emir of Kuwait as a fossil fuel master of the universe. The only question is when some big power will get hungry enough for natural gas to defy AIPAC’s congressional boycott on developing Iran’s oil and gas fields. It is likely that future historians will date the end of America’s superpower status from that date.

Neoconservative Iraq War architect Richard Perle is seeking to get into the oil business in Iraq. See also the Iraq Oil Report on this matter.

Then there is this: 55,000 persons called the Veterans Administration suicide hotline in its first year of operation, 22,000 identifying themselves as vets.

Read those two again, together.

“…none of the countries demanding that Iran scraps the weapons it doesn’t yet possess are demanding that Israel destroys the weapons it does possess.” (

ABC admits that without White House accounting tricks, the budget deficit will be $600 billion this year. The official figure does not count the cost of the Iraq War! One Reddit headline suggested that the Bush administration has not only moved our country toward fascism but bequeathed it a Weimar economy.

The Democrats, including Barbara Boxer, are insisting that the Environmental Protection Agency’s ‘chilling’ memo on carbon emissions and public health be released to the public.

Why don’t you ever hear about it when Israeli soldiers shoot Palestinian children and youth?

Aljazeera International has video on Israel’s land-grab of Palestinian villagers’ land and the demonstrations, in answer to which the killing came.

Torture is widespread in both Hamas and PLO prisons in the Palestine Authority.

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