Sunday Blog Patrol in Brief

Shorter Swopa: The Iraqi government ban on using photographs of non-candidates (including revered ayatollahs) in campaign literature is not a move to separate religion and state but is rather compliance with direction from Grand Ayatollah Ali Sistani, who had already complained about the photos.

Surprise! Friends of George do well with oil contracts in Iraq.

Shorter Susie Madrak: Monsanto connived with Bremer to get Iraqi farmers hooked on their genetically engineered seeds that would have to be bought again every year instead of letting Iraqi farmers harvest gratis seeds for the next year as they had been doing for the 6,000 years since they invented agriculture. A similar program in India has been implicated in a rash of suicides by Indian farmers caught in a cycle of debt. And, genetic contamination?

Speaking of poor farmers demanding access to their own resources, a Palestinian demonstration by farmers wanting access to their own land resulted in a mob of Israeli (probably actually American) colonists beating a school teacher bloody. The Palestinian village of Ni`ilin is being blockaded to stop its inhabitants from protesting. A newly leaked secret memo from the legal adviser to the Israeli Foreign Ministry demonstrates that the Israeli government knew all along that its colonization of the Palestinian West Bank was illegal under the 4th Geneva Convention. British Baroness “Jenny Tonge lashed out at the Israelis for their relentless expansion of settlements on Palestinian land in defiance of Geneva Conventions” .

Updates on Iran hysteria at War and Piece.

Cenk urges netroots to pressure Obama on FISA.

Speaking of which, blogger and anti-FISA activist Brian Beutler has been shot in DC and Steve Clemons is suggesting we help him out.

Shorter Oliver Willis: McCain hates the bloggers, loves to invite wire service reporters over for a barbecue. Crooks and Liars has the video.

Shorter Nevada Today: Few states would be better placed to move to solar energy than Nevada: instead it wants more coal-fired plants..

Washblog has a plan for taking our automobile fleet electric & based on wind power. It wouldn’t cost more annually than the Iraq War has, and would leave us more energy independent and far less polluting, maybe even saving some of those Florida and California beaches down the road.

Wampum on Viacom as Big Brother. Never mind, ISPs are volunteering to track us for them. Only Legislation is going to stop this monitoring of us, folks. Organize.

Time Line of Loss of Civil Liberties since 9/11

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