Kirkuk a Powderkeg: NYT; Ramadi Bombing Targets Police

Kurdish control of Kirkuk creates a powder keg in Iraq, the NYT explains this morning:

‘ it demonstrates that despite a recent decline in violence, Iraq’s unsettled ethnic and regional discord could still upend directives emanating from Baghdad and destabilize large swaths of the country — or even set off a civil war. . .

Kurdish authority is visible everywhere in the city. In addition to the provincial government and command of the police, the Kurds control the Asaish, the feared undercover security service that works with the American military and, according to Asaish commanders, United States intelligence agencies. ‘

A suicide bombing in Ramadi has left at least 7 policemen killed and more wounded.

Gareth Porter is skeptical about that AP story alleging Iran-trained hit squads in south Iraq. Me, I didn’t bother with it. Iran trained the Badr Corps, which is now the backbone of Prime Minister al-Maliki’s security forces, and the US cheered when Badr-dominated forces asserted themselves in Basra and Amara. So Iranian training is only sometimes bad?

McClatchy reports political violence in Iraq on Monday:

‘ Baghdad

Five people (3 policemen and 2 civilians) were injured by a roadside bomb in al Riwad intersection in Mansour neighborhood in west Baghdad around 9:00 a.m.

Around 10:00 a.m. Gunmen opened their machineguns fire targeting the car of Faris Jabir Thahir; a member in Shaheed al Mihrab organization (one of the organizations in ISCI ) in Zafaraniyah town in southeast Baghdad. Faris was killed at one and his wife was injured seriously.

Around 10:30, an IED exploded targeting an American convoy in al Ordin intersection (Jordan intersection) in Yarmouk neighborhood in west Baghdad. Nine Iraqi were injured including three policemen. No American casualties were reported.

Three people were injured (2 policemen and a civilian) by a roadside bomb near the national theater in Karrada neighborhood in downtown Baghdad around 1:00 p.m.


A director of an election center and his deputy were killed and a companion was inured when gunmen attacked them while they were going to work in Bahadriyah area south of Basra on Monday morning. The election commission confirmed the incident.


Gunmen killed Raheem Thyab al Bayati; one of the leaders of Sahwa south of Tuz city north of Baghdad around 2:00 p.m.’

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