McCain: Nations don’t invade other Nations

McCain says, “In the twenty-first century, nations don’t invade other nations:”

And imagine him all sweetness and light now about wanting good relations with Moscow after his rants all the past week.

An experienced diplomat pointed out to me that “McCain’s behavior on Georgia is a perfect example of putting personal political advantage over the national interest. Bush is trying to cope with a tricky situation and so far doing it in a responsible fashion. McCain is doing more than giving advice (legitimate). He is conducting his own foreign policy, talking to Saakashvili several times a day and now sending his two poodles, Lieberman and Graham, to Georgia to do what? Make sure Rice does the right thing (she must be furious. If Bush had the balls, he should slap McCain down, and hard.”

Back in the real world, Andrew Bacevich writes at about the lessons of the American way of endless war.

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