Palin wasTalking with Karzai about his Son!

You know those ballyhooed meetings of Sarah Palin with world leaders? What if they weren’t even talking about foreign policy? Since the press was kept out, how would we know? But the press did get one glimpse:

‘The first meeting was with Afghan President Hamed Karzai, and the content was hardly diplomatic dynamite. According to a CNN producer who was let into Mr Karzai’s hotel suite after earlier being barred, Mr Karzai was talking about his son. Ms Palin was nodding, and asked his name. Mr Karzai replied his name was Mirwais, meaning “light of the house”. The media were escorted out after about 40 seconds.’

He was talking about the meaning of his son’s name? So this conversation mints her as a foreign policy expert?

Then I heard some guy on tv today saying that Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili had remarked after meeting her that Palin had ‘asked the right questions.’

Isn’t that the guy who launched an aggressive attack on South Ossetia, provoked a Russian response, started a war and then got his behind handed to him by Putin?

Is he the one we really want vetting our politicians for how sharp they are?

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